♥The Important Stuff♥

Sunday, 19 May 2013

In the meadow

Summer hasn't quite arrived yet. For some reason the sky seems determined to stay gray and moody; keeping me away from the beach and that cute swimsuit I've begged my dad for.

Even though it's dull, it's not too cold for a pretty summer dress. This one from Somnia is perfect. It's short, flowing and any of the colours in the fatpack would brighten up anybody's day. I chose pink because it's my favourite, but you can choose from a generous selection.

I changed my hair too. Like it?
I've been blonde for so long that I really fancied a change, so I chose this warm brown from Wasabi Pills. I love the casual, soft look and I just adore the bangs.

I took a little day trip to a gorgeous little sim called Eternity which is a gorgeous country themed sim which feels very retro and summery. I found it through Asthenia Pinnazo's blog and fell in love. If you get a chance please go and see it for yourself. Hidden in the long grass around the lake are tons of spots to sit and relax or to take photographs.

Here's hoping summer is here soon.

Wendy x

♥Style Card♥

Skin - Al Vulo - Alyss - Wonderland Blonde Fair
Shape - Own 
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Kumi Mesh Hair - Wild Honey
Necklace - LVS Kids - Gatcha Cord Necklace - Voodoo Buddy
Dress - Somnia Velvet Shimmer Dress - Pink 
Pose - From Tuty's shy girl ao

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Release your inner child

♥Style Card♥

Skin - al vulo - Alyss - Wonderland Fairy
Shape - my own 
Hair - Truth - Lavinia - Pearl

Sweater - The Sea Hole - Braid Front sweatshirt - Barbiecar
Shorts - The Sea Hole - Pika Denim Shorts - Azteca Blue 
Socks - Pink Princess - Striped Socks - Pink 
Shoes - Footworks - Pippa patent flats - Black
Necklace - LVS kids - Gatcha Cord Necklace - Voodoo Buddy


Monkeybars - Artilleri Playground 
Seesaw - Artilleri Playground 
Sway's Playground

SL Firsts - A meme from Strawberry Singh

Pic stolen from Wendy - See tomorrows post for a style card.

1. First SL Friend: Wil Dreadlow. I had an avatar before Tracy but never really called anybody a 'friend' as I barely logged in for more than a few weeks at a time. Wil and I rezzed at around the same time and had great fun running around being newbies together. We spent a ton of time at a sim called heaven above the clouds, and the rest of our time exploring. We did hang out once every few weeks until he left SL too. Got to admit I really miss the randomness he brought.

2. First SL Kiss: I don't actually remember one. My RL hubby used to be in-world a lot, and we're partnered, so I don't think I actually ever bothered. 

3. First SLex time/place/partner: See number 2. 

4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: My first SL partner was a guy called KC. It was early 2008 and my RL knew about it. It was pretty much a platonic friendship more than anything else, but we got partnered and "played house" for a while. 

5: First SL Job: My first job was as a dancer in a club. I cannot remember the name of the club, only that the uniform was a red flame dress. I stayed there for months whilst waiting for my 6 month rez day to arrive so that I could get a job at Galaxy. At the same time I had opened my first incarnation of Trubble.

6. First SL Creation: The least said the better, but it was a slider made dress with a looprez skirt made out of a freebie net texture. It was vile. I don't even have pictures.

7. First encounter with a Linden: I interviewed Glenn Linden and I forget the name of the other. It was for the SL business convention a few years ago, about the time viewer 2 launched. I can't remember that much about it, but basically it was on skype and over in twenty minutes. I also met some Linden's for a "storytime in the cornfield" a few years ago. This was before the cornfield was opened and it was unavailable so we ended up around a campfire. I think it was after an office hour of some description. 

8. First encounter with a SLebrity: Callie Cline came to a party in my store once. Does that count?

9. First SL sim you fell in love with: Midnight Reflections. It was just one amazing, huge garden. I'm not sure if it's still around but I absolutely loved exploring it. There were poseballs all over for photographs. Romantic picnic areas dotted clifftops over waterfalls. Wil and I found it in our first week and we'd find a spot there to relax and chat. 

10. First Blog Post: Other than a really boring "hello world" post - http://gforgirl.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/waiting-for-summer.html